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Terms of Service

Terms of service

This shop is handled by Vanimco bvba.

ARTICLE 1 - Scope of these terms and conditions

  1. These general terms and conditions apply to all the sales agreements to be concluded by us. The provisions of the general terms and conditions of the other party(ies) to the agreement are, insofar as they are different from these terms and conditions, only binding for us if they were accepted by us in writing.
  2. Once an agreement has been concluded to which these general terms and conditions apply, the other party(ies) will be considered to be acquainted with them.
  3. Placing an order implies the acceptance of these general terms and conditions.

ARTICLE 2 - Accepting orders

VANIMCO BVBA does not accept liability for the consequences of incorrect data entry by the customer. Entering an ‘order’ in the web shop does not in itself result in a binding agreement. The customer will first be asked to confirm the data. An order shall only be final when it is confirmed by VANIMCO BVBA. VANIMCO BVBA reserves the right to accept or reject orders in the context of the agreements made with this website.

ARTICLE 3 - Price

Prices are always exclusive of VAT. The prices are guaranteed except in case legal measures are taken and/or the VAT rate changes in the meantime. VANIMCO BVBA does not accept responsibility for the consequences of misprints, deviating images and changes in design on the website, in the catalogue or in other publications.

ARTICLE 4 - Delivery

  1. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the delivery will take place as soon as possible, whereby we reserve the right to partial deliveries.
  2. In case one of the terms of delivery specified by us is exceeded, except in cases of force majeure, we have the right to still deliver the goods within a period of 10 days after receiving a registered letter in that respect. Once the 10 days referred to above have passed, the buyer will be entitled to dissolve the agreement. The buyer will not be entitled to damages.
  3. Transport of goods is at risk of the buyer.

ARTICLE 5 - Reservation of title

  1. All goods remain our property until the buyer has fully paid the invoice referring to these goods.
  2. Goods delivered by us are given in guarantee to us by the buyer, immediately after he acquires the ownership thereof, to guarantee the fulfilment of all his payment obligations. The buyer shall cooperate upon first request with further acts which may be required in the context of this transfer of guarantee.

ARTICLE 6 - Payment

  1. Payments are made without discount within 15 days after delivery. In case of late payment the buyer will be in default, without requiring any type of notice, and will have to pay an interest of 1% a month or partial month.
  2. Payments will be considered to have been made and completed as soon as the amount due is deposited to our bank account or given to us in cash.
  3. In case of default all collection costs – in and out of court – are for account of the buyer, whereby out-of-court collection costs will amount to at least 15% of the outstanding amount, with a minimum of EUR 111.55, without prejudice to the right to charge the real costs to the buyer.

ARTICLE 7 - Complaints

  1. Complaints shall be filed within 8 days after delivery in writing and before the goods are used or resold.
  2. No complaints can be filed for small deviations. If a complaint is accepted by us, we have the obligation to either, at our discretion, dissolve the agreement entirely/partly and to credit the buyer accordingly, or to replace the goods, or to offer the buyer a reasonable discount for the defective goods. We are not obliged to compensate any consequential damage.
  3. Filing a complaint does not entitle the customer to suspend any payments.

ARTICLE 8 - Guarantee

Products for which a guarantee applies are delivered with the manufacturer’s guarantee. This guarantee is valid as of the date of your invoice.

ARTICLE 9 - Compensation

The buyer is not entitled to compensate any claim, which he pretends to have on us, with his payment obligations.

ARTICLE 10 - Force majeure

  1. In case of force majeure we are entitled, at our discretion, either to suspend the delivery or to dissolve the agreement entirely/partly.
  2. Force majeure is understood to be, though not exclusively: war, mobilisation, uprising, strike or lockout, fire, accident or illness, failure of operations, lack of raw materials or packaging material, stagnation in terms of transport, government measures, as well as any general circumstance of any type whatsoever, which is beyond our power and which may affect the execution of the agreement or render it impossible; such circumstances may either occur in our company or in any other companies.

ARTICLE 11 - Settlement of disputes

  1. All disputes in relation to an offer or agreement can only be heard by the competent judge in Antwerp, unless we prefer to bring the dispute before the courts of the buyer’s district.
  2. All agreements and/or quotes are governed by Belgian law.
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